Bollywood Costumes – Sexy Adult and Kids Bollywood Costume

If you’re looking for fun, alternative ideas for this Halloween, you should consider Bollywood costumes. Anyone can dress up as a vampire, witch, werewolf or zombie. Why dress up as something so common and join the party wearing something someone else will mostly likely be wearing too? This is where these costumes come in handy. They’re unique and original and it will be highly unlikely you’ll bump into someone wearing the same costume.

Bollywood Costumes

Since Bollywood has gained popularity over the years, the characters are starting to come to life as costumes for Halloween. People all over the world are finding these Bollywood movies for the first time and enjoying their liveliness, colored outfits and songs. Their unique style of film is what creates such a buzz, and if you decide to wear Bollywood costumes, you can help spread the word around about these classic films. The other fun thing is that not many people will be able to guess who you are dressed up as, so you can make it a game by making them wait until the end of the night before you tell them what you are.

Many of the women’s costumes are long and flowing, resembling anything from a genie to a belly dancer. What helps their costumes is the makeup they wear. Long lashes help make the costume come alive, along with glitter and shimmering beads. You can even wear colored crystals around your eyes to really make it look good. The more popular costume is the Sari, which is the traditional dress worn by Indian women. The colors range from blue to pink and they are long, often touching the floor.

Halloween Costume

There are other sexier versions of Bollywood costumes that are two-piece outfits that barely cover the top half of the woman. This would definitely get attention at the party. The dancer outfit comes with a veil that covers the face, giving you a mysterious look. Add some crazy eye makeup and you’ll look really good wearing this costume, complete with draping fabric and bikini-like top. With so many choices, it’s going to be hard deciding which costume you like best.

Because every Halloween is special, you should make it memorable by wearing Bollywood costumes. Stand out in the crowd this year, and just for fun, make people guess who you are instead of automatically knowing because of the pointed fangs in your mouth. This year, bring a little Bollywood to the party.